Postnord Shopify App


We're currently developing a Shopify integration for Postnord.
The app integrates fully with Postnord, letting you create new shipments, print shipping labels and send your customers the tracking codes. 


looking for beta-testers!

Are you using Shopify and want to send orders using Postnord?
Or in the process of building a Shopify app in Norway, Denmark or Sweden

Please get in touch with us right away at info[at] to beta-test a the Postnord Shopify app. We're very interested in learning more about which features you want the app to have. 


  • Add Postnord Shipping methods to your Shopify site
  • Print shipping labels with just one click inside Shopify
  • No more copy-pasting!
  • Add tracking codes to orders and email them to customers
  • Use COD (cash on delivery) payment method
  • Let your customers select where to pick up the order from a list of  nearest Postnord Service Points based on customers address
  • Best way to ship orders in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


Get in touch

If you have any questions like feature requests or want to beta test the Postnord Shopify app, get in touch!

+358 50 3061446


Want to know when the app is released?

If you don't yet have a Shopify store but you're considering making one or are an agency developing Shopify sites for your clients in Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark sign up to our Postnord -mailing list. We'll let you know when the beta is done and the app is released.


About (”The Code Agency” in finnish) is a Helsinki based digital design and development agency. We create simple and beautiful apps and plugins. Currently we're focusing on solving problems of nordic Shopify merchants with great Shopify apps. Mostly focusing on Finland but now expanding to other nordic countries as well. is a 2-person team consisting of designer Petri Pottonen and developer Jussi Kokkala. 

If you use Shopify and need help with anything code related we're the folks to get in touch with!